Hose coupling

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coupling with interlocking parts for uniting hose, end to end.

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Claw Hose Coupling Male & Female, Lubricator, Hose Connector, Hose Joint Cupling, Adopter for Grease Gun, Hose Clamp Size 3/4 Bolt & Nut, Nozzel 3/4
SERV Trayvou Interverrouillage (STI) has improved its RGV range of hose coupling safety products, which are fitted to silo inlet pipes, to ensure tanker drivers deliver their load to the correct silo.
Aircraft hot-pit refueling commenced and was in progress when the fuel hydrant hose coupling at the ground point connection suddenly failed and broke loose.
Next time you're in the auto supply store, pick up a kit containing a heater hose coupling like the one shown and a pair of clamps.
Contract awarded for 75035728-wire braided hose of 1/2" x 760 mm long confirming to sae 100r 5c and is: 6016- 2009 with end fittings of 3/4" female hose coupling nut both sides nipples.
Contract awarded for 1) 25161258-1 1/4 inch x 26 inch air brake hose coupling for brake pipe to rdso drg.no.sk-73547, alt-13 for freight stock.;