Hospital Sunday

a Sunday set apart for simultaneous contribution in churches to hospitals; as, the London Hospital Sunday.

See also: Hospital

Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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He breathed his last at a city hospital Sunday afternoon after battling against old-age complications including diabetic and high pressure.
The 57-year-old was taken to a Detroit-area hospital Sunday by a friend after not feeling well, and he had the stroke while getting medical care, Quicken Loans CEO Jay Farner said in a statement Monday night.
Summary: Six people were taken to the hospital Sunday following the collapse of a glass window of a shop in the city of Jbeil as consumers rushed to snap up discounted goods in a Black Friday-esque scene.
Kennedy Hospital Sunday night, 24 March following the tragic motor accident along the RIA Highway.
They enjoyed a dream 2017-2018 campaign, claiming the division one title, the Knockout Cup, Junior Cup, Evesham Hospital Sunday Junior Cup and the Jack Honeybone Trophy for the team of the year.
And when their condition deteriorated, they were shifted to a private hospital Sunday morning, where the two minors - aged one and five years - died during the course of treatment.
Lotfy passed away at a Cairo hospital Sunday night.
KARACHI -- A seminar was held on Tuberculosis challenges in Pakistan at Kharadar General Hospital Sunday.
Morris School District died in a hospital Sunday. Marquel Brumley's death came just a week after doctors told his family that the virus would clear on its own, reports said Wednesday.
Grand Canyon National Park, Jumada I 25, 1439, Feb 11, 2018, SPA -- Four survivors of a tour helicopter crash in the Grand Canyon were airlifted to a Nevada hospital Sunday while crews were recovering the bodies of three others, authorities said.
He started playing Saturday evening and was taken to the hospital Sunday afternoon.
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