Host plant

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1.(Agric.) A plant which aids, shelters, or protects another plant in its growth, as those which are used for nurse crops.
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During the larval surveys, we always recorded the species of host plant on which each larval group was found.
Such deviations from a close correlation between adult oviposition behavior and offspring performance suggest that factors other than those intrinsic to the host plant are important in determining host range.
Non host alternating life cycle (monoecious or autoecious) in which the aphid feed and reproduce on only one host plant during the whole year 2.
5 cm diam) cut from the host plant and placed on a thin layer (15 ml) of water-agarose (agar 1.
Adult pregnant female BPH were introduced to the host plant for a period of 48-hours.
Aphis gossypii with 17 host plant species was the most polyphagous species followed by Myzus persicae and Aphis fabae that infested 15 and 12 host plant species respectively.
Dietary requirement and fitness of phytophagous insect pest depend upon the nutrient chemistry of host plant.
MULTAN -- The Cotton Research Station (CRS) discovered lady finger (Okra- vegetable) as second host plant of Pink Bollworm, which has been damaging cotton crop seriously for last three years.
More recently, studies have shown that several macromolecules move from the host plant to dodder, including proteins (Haupt et al.
In order for a grapevine to be infected by PD, it must be a susceptible variety and there must be an insect vector present to transmit the bacteria from a host plant to the susceptible vine when the insect feeds on the vine's tissue.