Hot bed

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(Iron Manuf.) an iron platform in a rolling mill, on which hot bars, rails, etc., are laid to cool.

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Among the twenty-seven to his credit occurred titles such as, "If Christ Came to New Orleans," " The Worked-out Worker," "Tenement Reform in Berlin," "The Rural Slums of England," "The people of the East Side," "Reform Versus Revolution," "The University Settlement as a Hot Bed of Radicalism' and "The Cave Man of Civilization."
'We all know that Ondo State is the hot bed of cannabis cultivation in Nigeria.
Summary: Navi Mumbai (Maharashtra) [India], May 23 (NewsVoir): Navi Mumbai has been the hot bed for industries since a long time.
"Currently, India is becoming the hot bed for digital disruption and we believe there is immense scope for innovation.
"It is the most disturbed area here in the district and it has remained a hot bed of the militants," he said.
The islands are not renowned as a hot bed of crime but any potential candidate would need to know how to handle a stray seal in the high street or be able to pacify drunken chefs arguing about salt.
Taco Bell has become a hot bed of food licensing and co-branding featuring Snapple Lemonade Freeze (Dr Pepper Snapple Group), Starburst Strawberry Freeze (Wm.
However, he added that the description of the establishment by the media as "a hot bed of radicalisation" wasn't entirely incorrect.
It has been noticed that most of the abandoned buildings serve as a hot bed for insects and other pests that pose a risk to public health.