Hot blast

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Hot´ blast`

1.See under Blast.
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I dined at what Herbert and I used to call a Geographical chop-house - where there were maps of the world in porter-pot rims on every half-yard of the table-cloths, and charts of gravy on every one of the knives - to this day there is scarcely a single chop-house within the Lord Mayor's dominions which is not Geographical - and wore out the time in dozing over crumbs, staring at gas, and baking in a hot blast of dinners.
Sad, sad and drooping, looked the little white maiden, as she stood on the hearth-rug, with the hot blast of the stove striking through her like a pestilence.
Expression Of Interest (Eoi) For Empanelment Of Inspection Agencies In Sail For Carrying Out Inspection Of Refractories At Vendor~S/Manufacturer~S Premises &Amp; Supervision Of Refractory Erection Work At Site For Various Projects Of Hot Blast Stoves/Coke Oven Batteries/Other Shops In Sail Plants/ Units
JURGEN KLOPP revealed that it had taken a hot blast to cut through the damp Welsh drizzle and fire up Liverpool's title ambitions.
These include whether the refractory used is acidic or basic, whether the air is cold or hot blast, the type of charging mechanism, charge materials, iron demand, whether it's lined or unlined, and weather conditions.
Sizzling Birmingham basked in temperatures of 80F on Sunday with the mercury climbing to 75F yesterday as a hot blast of air from Africa swept in.
Forecasters think that, after a damp start to the week, summer could announce its arrival on Wednesday when the hot blast is likely to reach us.
At the MENA Forum Samsung's products ranged from Tizen-powered SUHD TV to Active DualWash top-load washing machine and from Samsung MW8000J Hot Blast Smart oven to Samsung's new smart MultiXpress series of multi-function printers (MFP) the first of its kind to be equipped with Android Operating system.
Reducing cooking time by 50 per cent, the Samsung MW8000J Hot Blast is the latest smart oven innovation.
Middlesbrough does need to change and the council executive and management need to engage in a process of 'scotoma busting' (removal of blind spots) if we are to avoid the hot blast which awakened my ancestor, who, incidentally, went on producing foundry products for our one nation war effort.
Besides, hot blast stove heat-up activities with pilot burner and the hot trial of the new pig casting machine (PCM) of the new blast furnace have also started.