Hot wall

(Gardening) a wall provided with flues for the conducting of heat, to hasten the growth of fruit trees or the ripening of fruit.

See also: Hot

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Also, the flow in this chamber is caused by the buoyancy force resulting from the hot wall.
Nano particle contact with hot wall increases in higher flow rates.
As the mixture contacts the hot wall in the vacuum, solvent is gradually removed and the particles are mixed with the matrix polymers.
But the most striking architectural feature in this part of the garden is the Hot Wall, which forms the backdrop to a long bed, containing exotic and tender plants.
Huber, W, Lopez-Otero, A, "The Electrical Properties of CdTe Films Grown by Hot Wall Epitaxy.
To get more than a few ripe tomatoes, a hot wall or a protective structure is helpful here.
By the late 1990s, the perceived economic clout of gay men and lesbians had become a hot Wall Street commodity, with investment firms marketing "socially responsible" options to gay investors through national ad campaigns.
For years, refrigerator designers evaluated this performance requirement in terms of someone else's solution, and the hot wall became an accepted design rule.
Tenders invited for Design,fabrication,supply,installation & testing of hot zone with support structure for hot wall continuous horizontal tube type resistance furnace as per annexure