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n.1.A violent, passionate person; a hasty or impetuous person; as, the rant of a hot-head.
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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Proud, hot-headed, quick-tempered, he was often in trouble, more than once in prison.
Apart from this, which made him an exacting companion, he was one of the most upright, hot-tempered, hot-headed old gentlemen in England.
I should make an excellent gambler if I were not too hot-headed; but I was hot- headed, just as if I had been drinking.
Hot-headed and impatient at all times, he had been rendered irascible by the fatigues of the journey, and the condition of his feet, which were chafed and sore.
"But you are so confoundedly hot-headed and exclamatory that I cannot get a word in.
Petersburg -- calm countries, where the point of honor is better understood than among our hot-headed Parisians.
If I appear, then thou diest, even although thy charms should instigate some hot-headed youth to enter the lists in thy defence.''
That was why, being fond and hot-headed, I left the world; and that is why, having had time to take thought, I am right glad to find myself back in it once more.
In his youth D'Artagnan had often headed the bourgeoisie against the military, but he was cured of all those hot-headed propensities; besides, he had the cardinal's hundred pistoles in his pocket, so he went into the hotel without a word.
"You hot-headed little woman, your time will come," she answered.
This Mr Frank Cheeryble, although, to judge from what had recently taken place, a hot-headed young man (which is not an absolute miracle and phenomenon in nature), was a sprightly, good-humoured, pleasant fellow, with much both in his countenance and disposition that reminded Nicholas very strongly of the kind-hearted brothers.
It proves to be a tricky investigation as the body was stored in a freezer, so the time of death cannot be identified - and when it turns out he was quite a hot-head in the kitchen, all his staff come under suspicion.