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An axle or journal box, as on a railway car, that has become overheated by excessive friction.


1. (Railways) railways an axle or bearing on a train that has become overheated by excessive friction
2. (Baseball) baseball a type of mini baseball game
3. (Cookery) a container maintained at a high temperature to heat or cook its contents
vb (intr)
to smoke marijuana in a small confined area until it is full of smoketo take a long drag or a series of drags on a cigarette or joint


or hot′ box`,

a journal box on a railroad car overheated by excessive friction.
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Noun1.hotbox - a journal bearing (as of a railroad car) that has overheated
journal bearing - the bearing of a journal
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US reports claim the singer has been "hotboxing" the entire penthouse suite.
A large proportion of their friends, 14 (64%) of 22, had positive tuberculin skin-test results, The behavior of "hotboxing" (smoking marijuana inside a closed car with friends to repeatedly inhale exhaled smoke) fueled transmission,
There is also the option of a full stock assessment which includes hotboxing, dry matter and blackleg tests and requires 40kg of randomly sampled tubers.