Hotchkiss gun

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Hotch´kiss gun

1.A built-up, rifled, rapid-fire gun of oil-tempered steel, having a rectangular breechblock which moves horizontally or vertically in a mortise cut completely through the jacket. It is made in France.
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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* First, that use of the machine gun in the defense resulted in the digging of trenches, and * Second, that machine guns could be used to decimate a far larger offensive force as was demonstrated by the Japanese use of the Hotchkiss gun.
From the satisfactory manner in which the Hotchkiss gun, No.
There is no mention of Coventry except that they used Daimler engines in the 105HP tractors they were making for the war office which were used for moving 15in Howitzers and 1 Hotchkiss gun which (possibly) was made in Gosford Street, Coventry, with a rate of fire 250 rounds per minute.
Two troops of the 8th Cavalry, a total of 109 men and officers with one Gatlin gun and one breach-loading Hotchkiss gun (cannon), were waiting for daylight on the crest of a hill overlooking Sitting Bull's camp some 1500 yards away.
"Two six-pound rapid Hotchkiss guns, two four-pound rapid Hotchkiss guns, 100 improved Winchester rifles, 50,000 rounds of rifle ammunition, 500 four-pound shells, 500 six-pound shells, four adjustable gun-carriages to be fitted on the decks, three Whitehead self-acting torpedoes, a large quantity of revolvers, cutlasses and other small arms."
The Australian Light Horse, the New Zealand Mounted Rifles Brigade, the Imperial Camel Corps, and the Duke of Lancaster's Own Yeomanry found the air-cooled Mark I Hotchkiss guns especially useful during the Sinai and Palestine Campaign (1915-17), where obtaining enough water for the men and their mounts--let alone machine guns --was one of the determining factors of the fighting.
While the United States never again used the Model 1909, the various Hotchkiss guns continued to see service.
He had orders to take Big Foot and his people to the military prison in Omaha and he installed two more Hotchkiss guns on the hill overlooking the Sioux encampment.
When employed in this manner, the Hotchkiss guns played a very important role, due to the tactics and methods of the Great War.
Anything that could fire .303 cartridges at a rapid rate was pressed into service, including large numbers of World War I-vintage Lewis and Hotchkiss guns, and so it was quite some time before the Home Guard received any machine guns.