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v. t. & i.1.To command; to enjoin.
[pres. & imp. Hatte Hot ( ), etc.; p. p. Hote, Hoten ( ), Hot, etc. See Hight, Hete.]
2.To promise.
3.To be called; to be named.
There as I was wont to hote Arcite,
Now hight I Philostrate, not worth a mite.
- Chaucer.
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Tenders are invited for Om prakash rawat ke khet se raja yadav ke khet hote hue shravan sahu ke khet hote hue mahatam tiwari ke makan hote hue kali mata mandir ke pass paschim baypass tak mitti soling karya
Har har Modi, ghar ghar Modi' wale Narendra Modi ji is baar Gujarat mein beghar hote hote bache.
The injured were Hatim Kurio, Gulzar Kurio, Suhno Kurio, Sattar Kurio, Hakim Narejo and Hote Narejo.
Acoustic guitarists and songwriters Peter Wilde and Ky Hote will be performing several shows together during the weekend.
Khartoum, The activities of the meeting of Darfur Peace Follow up Committee, chaired by the Qatari Deputy Prime Minister and State Minister for Cabinet Affairs, Ahmed Bin Abdulla Al-Mahmud will start , tomorrow , Monday, at Corinthia Hote, to review implementation of Doha Document .
lt;< hote >> est l'un des mieux documente du vieux fonds lexical indo-europeen: il est reflete par le got gasts (acc.
February 20, but if you that long there's a nlaunch taking pl January 10 at Savoy Hote Radio 1's Grimsha
But a representative for the hostel, which charged customers $50 per night, told the site that the inspection -- like the many others conducted in recent months following a recent law that bans short-term rentals -- is connected to Mayor Michael Bloomberg's relationship with hote lobbyists.
The verse presents considerable problems of interpretation, which are related to the proper understanding of the terms hote and tov, and its thematic consistency.
When asked if he knew a telephone had been seized from a slain terrorist in Trident Hote, Kasab replied: " Mee Bagilta nahin ( I haven't seen).
London Heathrow Return transfers from airport to hote.
Therefore, it must not be allowed for the complex story regarding the sale of Hote Izgrev to conceal the true culprits.