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Noun1.Hotei - one of the 7 gods of happiness
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The Japanese term [phrase omitted] hotei tsuyaku, "court interpretation" can be decomposed into two independent words: [phrase omitted] hotei and [phrase omitted] tsuyaku.
School Judgment: Gakkyu Hotei posits a Japanese society so messed up by crime that the authorities institute criminal trials in elementary schools to catch possible criminals while they're still young in order to prevent them from committing crimes as adults.
73) Nout van Woudenberg, State Immunity and Cultural Objects on Loan (Netherlands, Global Hotei and Martinius Nijhoff, 2012) 9-11.
In fact, he isn't strictly speaking the Buddha at all but a Chinese deity called Budai, Hotei in Japanese, who represents contentment and good fortune.
Solomonidou and colleagues investigated the potentially cryogenic regions of Tui Regio, Hotei Regio and Sotra Patera using Cassini's Visual and Infrared Mapping Spectrometer (VIMS).
Esto se debe al hecho de que el acceso a Internet aun no esta tan difundido entre las clases mas populares y el acceso a la informacion queda restringido a las personas mas escolarizadas; e incluso se debe al hecho de que los huespedes del hotei, los turistas, son personas con un mayor nivel de ingreso y escolaridad en relacion a la media general de la poblacion.
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