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Ahsan Basheer, a resident of Saddar Wah, lodged a complaint with the local police that he was having tea at a hoten when Bobby, Irfan, Tanveer and Abdul Qudoos showed up and attacked him with clubs and inured him.
98) Shortly afterwards they entrained and travelled up the Korean peninsula, crossed the Yalu River into Manchukuo and eventually reached Hoten Branch Camp no.
One of the major issues that troubled the POWs at both Hoten Branch camps was uncertainty caused by a lack of news in regards to the progress of the war.
On 17 August 1945 Challen and those at Camp Hoten learnt of an armistice.
WO24/187, Berne to HBM Legation, Berne, 22 December 1944 which stated that 78 POWs including Percival, other senior officers and colonial governors had been transferred from Taiwan to Hoten (Mukden) in Manchuria.
Om hoten mot den svenska restriktiva alkoholpolitiken [On threats to the Swedish restrictive alcohol policy].
And therfor, nyghtyngale, holde the nye, For leve me wel, for al thy lovde crie, Yf thou be fer or longe fro thi make, Thou shall be as other that be forsake, And then shalt thou hoten as do I.
IMAGINATIVE writer Suzanne Hoten, 69, of Rouncil Lane, Kenilworth was thrilled when she was told she was a winner of the Telegraph's Spooky Halloween Tales Competition.