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v. t.1.To apply heat to, in conjunction with mechanical pressure, for the purpose of giving a smooth and glossy surface, or to express oil, etc.; as, to hotpress paper, linen, etc.
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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It was much easier to chat than to study; much pleasanter to let her imagination range and work at Harriet's fortune, than to be labouring to enlarge her comprehension or exercise it on sober facts; and the only literary pursuit which engaged Harriet at present, the only mental provision she was making for the evening of life, was the collecting and transcribing all the riddles of every sort that she could meet with, into a thin quarto of hotpressed paper, made up by her friend, and ornamented with ciphers and trophies.
In a candid interview last year, Sheehan revealed he had split with Kingsman actress Sofia Boutella but told HotPress: "There's no way I'm not starting a family."
Subsequently the pre-compressed fibre mat was pressed for 4 min and 120 bar at a temperature of 200[degrees]C in a Burkle hotpress.
He told Hotpress: "It's just a factual account of how events affected me.
Then, the composite compounds was moulded into sheet form (1mm thickness) at 180[degrees]C using a Hotpress (model GT 7014A).
These compounded materials were then compressed into 1 or 3 mm thick film by hydraulic hotpress also at 120 [degrees]C under pressure of 150 kg/[cm.sup.2] for 5 min, followed by cold pressing at 30 [degrees]C for 5 min.
His latest album, Last Of The Old Men, was chosen as album of the fortnight in Hotpress, a popular Irish music magazine.
And I got best female in the Hotpress music awards in Ireland.''
Check for the exact nominees but, as you'd imagine, the likes of Ash, U2, The Divine Comedy, David Kitt and The Frames are well represented.
614/763-2886 FAX 614/763-2888 MPA High heat resistance; high tack MPA II High mater resistance; can beaned with RF, hot press, cold press Melamine glue Bonds dissimilar materials to wood Powdered plastic resin Long open time, sandable, rigid bond, RF, hotpress, cold press Resorcinol resin Fully waterproof, structural merine Veneer Softener Plasticizer for veneers Water-based contact cement High strength, fast dry RPA (Reactive Polyurethane Bonds dissimilar materlals; Adhesive) provides waterproof bond Hot melt High viscosity for HPL,PVC and veneer edgebanding DAP Inc.
Mr Daly told Ryan Tubridy's RTE Radio 1 show yesterday he had luckily left his mobile in his car but his wallet was in his pocket and the notes inside are now "drying in the hotpress".
After processing in the rheometer, the samples were pressed into films in a hotpress at 200[degrees]C and 2 ton.