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Either of two large bustards, Chlamydotis undulata of southwest Asia or C. macqueenii of North Africa and the Canary Islands, having a brown and white body and black and white plumes visible on the head and throat during the courtship display.

[Arabic ḥubārā; akin to Persian ḥōbara.]
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IFHC to lead species conservation and sustainable future agenda at ADIHEX 2019 Image Credit: Learn all about the emblematic Houbara Bustard at ADIHEX 2019 Image Credit: Learn all about the emblematic Houbara Bustard at ADIHEX 2019 Image Credit:
Visitors to the interactive IFHC stand will gain insight into its world-leading scientific research, which is used to preserve the emblematic Houbara Bustard in countries right across the migratory ranges of the Asian and North African Houbara, from Mongolia in the east to Morocco in the west.
In 1998, Houbara Foundation International Pakistan undertook to reinforce the diminishing vegetation through aerial broadcast of seeds of desert plants in the Cholistan Desert, which is the prime wintering habitat of the Houbara Bustard.
Amin noted that the government had allocated Rs 250 million for the protection of houbara bustard's breeding and habitat preservation.
During a meeting with Adviser to PM on climate change, the ambassador Amin Aslam appreciated Pakistan's Houbara Bustard Breeding and Habitat Conservation project.
Youngsters are being taught about the Houbara bustard and its importance in the ecosystem and UAE heritage, as part of Al Ain Zoo's programme for children during the summer holidays.
Around 2,000 birds of the endangered houbara bustard species are being bred annually by the external natural protectorates office, a source at the Ministry of Municipality and Environment (MME) has told local Arabic daily Arrayah.
LAHORE -- The Houbara Bustard Commission headed by Dr Pervez Hassan on Monday submitted a report and requested the Lahore High Court that the hunting of houbara bustard be banned till the next survey.
AFTER hunting of houbara bustard by Arab sheikhs, now Americans are massacring our rare species.
LAHORE: As foreign tourists come to Pakistan with houbara bustard hunting season set to kick off, the Punjab government has already received $400,000 for hunting permits in Rahim Yar Khan.
Summary: Quetta (Balochistan) [Pakistan], Dec 03 (ANI): Balochistan authorities have issued a special permit to a Qatari prince allowing him to hunt the internationally-protected houbara bustard in the province.
Bhakkar -- Qatari Prince has reached the 'Thal Desert' to hunt internationally protected migratory bird Houbara Bustard.