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 (ho͞o′dŏn′, o͞o-dôN′), Jean Antoine 1741-1828.
French sculptor who executed statues of Washington and Voltaire and busts of Jefferson, Rousseau, and Lafayette.


(French udɔ̃)
(Biography) Jean Antoine (ʒɑ̃ ɑ̃twan). 1741–1828, French neoclassical portrait sculptor



Jean An•toine (ʒɑ̃ ɑ̃ˈtwan) 1741–1828, French sculptor.
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He installed an office on the ground floor where he could receive visitors and display two life-size Houdon sculptures of Apollo and Diana, the latter acquired in 1930 from the Hermitage; a grand dining room, library and picture gallery on the first floor, as well as an 'Assyrian Room' to show off his Egyptian collection; and a Lalique bathroom on the top floor, where he was hosed down by his valet in a niche lined in silver leaf.
Conservo en mi biblioteca varios libros de los Bloch, tanto de Marc como de Etienne, y unas fotografias tomadas en la residencia de Etienne en Houdon, el 10 de marzo de 2005, cuando lo visitamos junto a nuestro colega y amigo el historiador franco-peruano Pablo Luna y Belkis mi esposa.
Works in a variety of media will be on display including paintings, prints, LEDs and video as well as more recent experiments in mosaic and sculpture, shown together with pieces ranging from an ancient Egyptian funerary mask to an arresting "warts and all" Houdon bust of 18th century composer Cristoph Gluck complete with smallpox scarring.
Gerber saw ambitious projects mounted in Chicago by Asher and Buren, including Asher's landmark 1979 project that transported a twentieth-century cast bronze of Jean-Antoine Houdon's eighteenth-century statue of George Washington from the front steps of the Art Institute of Chicago to a gallery inside.
That revision opened the door to highbrow appreciation of Picasso's resort to crude stylizations evoking the "primitive." The impetuous Spaniard would surely have found more inspiration in that expressionistic, exophthalmic male portrait bust from late antiquity than in a far more skillful portrait by a Hellenistic master, or by a modern master like Houdon.
Axa enhanced public collections with various masterpieces, such as two sketches by Rosso Fiorentino and Houdon's sculpture Vestale to Paris' Louvre Museum; and the Dogon statue to Paris' Quai Branly Museum.
Remote, brooding, inaccessible, he stares down from the Houdon statue, bones massive in the nose and jawline, melancholy in the downturn of the mouth.