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n.1.(Zool.) An owl. See Howlet.
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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Ce sont lAaAaAeA les rAaAaAeA@sultats des finalistes et des vainqueurs de ce [beau moins que] FUTURES 2017 [beaucoup plus grand que] de l'USM/TCC qui a connu un grand succAaAaAeA?s technique et organisationnel sous la houlet du superviseur ITF, Mohamed Ghassoub, et grAaAaAeAcce AaAaAeA la mobilisation dirigeants du club qui ont tout prAaAaAeA@vu pour que le retour des UsAaAaAeA@mi AaAaAeA l'organisation de tel tournoi international soit AaAaAeA la haut
Then he is simply unbeatable," says Francois-Xavier Houlet, former Omeyer teammate on the national team and today a TV expert for host broadcaster beINsport.
Out in the country Simon encounters Olivier Houlet, an impossibly handsome Frenchman with a mane of hippy-length hair who has the job of foster-father to five cheetahs, all orphans being prepared for life in the wild.
Stephen Norton, 36, of Houlet Garth, Byker, was remanded at Newcastle Magistrates' Court yesterday when he appeared charged with theft.
Debbie Baptist, 21, of Raby Street, pounds 100; Edson Baptise, 27, of Shipley Walk, pounds 10; Lee Brogden,19, of St Peter's Road, pounds 110; Alan Coates, 38, of Kirk Street, pounds 120; Gordon M Harrison, 27, of St Lawrence Street, pounds 200; Claire Karim, 28, of Commercial Road, pounds 130; John Keenan, 20, of Raby Way, pounds 130; Paul McAthey, 41, of Houlet Garth, pounds 120; Ben McDermott, 18, of Raby Street, pounds 100; Richard Taylor, 20, of Trinity Court Yard, pounds 120; Anthony Thomas, 25, of Gordon House, pounds 120.