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n.1.(Zool.) See Hoopoe.
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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"As my boys got older I realized there was nothing for them in market," said Michelle Houp, founder/CEO.
She will be based in Houston, Texas and will report directly to Scott Houp, SVP, Western Division manager.
4 March 2015: Zachary Cyrus Affrin, Samantha McKinley Allen, Lance Eugene Barrow, Alexander Jeffrey Davis, Daniel Marks Franklin, Kyle Walter Gicewicz, Patrick James Hoffinger, Bryan Houp, Joyce Abigail Johnson, Joshua Raymond Johnstone, Erica Pettee MacSwan, Caleb Glenn Primos, Sara Elizabeth Roberts, Jacob Tanner Sanborn, Troy Samuel Szwaczkowski, Zachary Ted Thompson.
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"An' then," I says, "am thinkin' noo Twill be a case They'll houses big for Dundee crew, An' me disgrace!" An, thinkin' sae, I almost grat, But noo I houp you'll no do that.
"This has been a project years in the making," stated Christopher Houp, president of HT Media LLC, "and will offer independent songwriters the ability to showcase their music for potential placement in television, film, and video games unlike any other publisher."
As Wesley Houp describes the work of the writing center in his recent Writing Lab Newsletter article, "Writing tutorials externalize the interpretive paraphrase--the inner dialogue; tutors listen to a student's text and offer alternate readings .
To further assess whether differences measured between New Jersey and New York were attributable to the reform in New Jersey and not to changes in New York, we compared the trend in AMI mortality rates in these two states with those in the Nationwide Inpatient Sample constructed by the HOUP. After eliminating patients who met our exclusion criteria, 364,273 AMI patients remained.
The proposal itself has at least two purposes: to get the proposed project accepted, and to get the bidding firm hired to carry out the project (Houp & Pearsall, 1977).