House Leader

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House′ Lead′er

(in Canada) the chief party strategist in the House of Commons.
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A Dr Asghar Abbas, Aslam Shah Afridi the house leader in KMC Council, Dr.
At the conclusion of Opposition Day business, the Government House Leader called Bill 75 for second reading.
Taking on the portfolio as well as position of Deputy House Leader is Peace River MLA Frank Oberle, who was promoted from associate minister of[dagger]Services for Persons with Disabilities.
Troubling news from the Lone Star State, as opponents of Joe Straus, the Republican current speaker of the Texas House of Representatives, are sending mass emails arguing that the House leader ought to be someone from the ranks of "Christians and true Conservatives.
Minority House Leader John Boehner (R-Ohio), Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.
House Officer" ("agent superieur de la Chambre") means the Speaker, the Deputy Speaker and Chair of Committees of the Whole House, the Deputy Chair and Assistant Deputy Chair of Committees of the Whole House, the Government House Leader, the Leader or House Leader of a recognized party, the Whip of a recognized party, the Chair of the national caucus of a recognized party, any Member who is a former Prime Minister and the Member designated by the leader of a recognized party to be responsible for the research office of the party, but does not include the Prime Minister of Canada.
During question period, government House leader Peter Van Loan called on the Liberals to "stand up for democracy," this in reference to goings on in the Senate.
Hill reporters know that one Democratic House leader who draws little public attention but stands out as one of the caucus's most aggressive and impressively ruthless parliamentarians, with an iron commitment to caucus discipline, is Wisconsin liberal David Obey, chairman of the Appropriations Committee.
The House leader, Speaker Nancy Pelosi, said the deadline would be added to legislation providing nearly pounds 50bn that Bush requested for fighting in Iraq and Afghanistan.
House Leader Hanaway swings a wild budget axe at school and social service budgets.
As house leader, the Irishman had to undertake an individual task which involved gambling the current pounds 51 budget on a roulette table in the reward room.