House boat

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a covered boat used as a dwelling.

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A replica house boat, converted from a fishing boat, will function as a site of remembrance - and also the venue for a two-day micro festival 'boat-house-theatre.'.
A man who built his dream 'house boat' after spending months and thousands of pounds on the project has been kicked out by bosses who say it is not a boat at all.
During the event, Ooredoo tested a number of technologies in different locations around The Pearl including a Self-Driving 5G connected Aerial Taxi, 5G Experience Bus and a 5G House Boat. Ooredoo management and several VIPs attended the important event.
To demonstrate the future of entertainment with 5G, Ooredoo set-up a futuristic 8K VR experience on a modern house boat in The Pearl.
When you step inside, this modest house boat is a million miles away from what you'd expect of a floating home of such quaint proportions.
On the second and last day of the informal summit, the two leaders were seen riding on a house boat and chatting over tea - a 'chai pe charcha' moment.
The Italian-designed hotel is built on the base and hull of an old house boat and is the newest addition to the Hotel des Charmes group, which specialises in luxury boutique hotels worldwide.
He said: 'Wate Image Credit: On a house boat in Alappuzha, India, Gulf News reader Nidin C.
No, we are not taking about constructing an ark, or even a house boat.
Bohemian earth mother Jess lives on a house boat with her oil rigger husband Jago (Paddy Considine) and cluckily prepares for the arrival of their first child.
After a burst pipe at their home Meg and her mum stay on the house boat and things are pretty stressful for Meg but this is a happy ending story where things work out.
My day on the house boat began very early when I went out with my friend Cameron and his Dad fishing, and it was well worth it when I pulled in my 1.8kg bream.