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 (bûr′nə-dŏt′), Count Folke 1895-1948.
Swedish diplomat who as a leader of the Swedish Red Cross (1943-1948) helped save thousands of people from Nazi concentration camps. As United Nations mediator in Palestine (1948) he attempted to end Israeli-Arab hostilities but was assassinated by Israeli terrorists.


1. (Biography) Folke (ˈfɔlke), Count. 1895–1948, Swedish diplomat, noted for his work with the Red Cross during World War II and as United Nations mediator in Palestine (1948). He was assassinated by Jewish terrorists
2. (Biography) Jean Baptiste Jules (ʒɑ̃ batist ʒyl). 1764–1844, French marshal under Napoleon; king of Norway and Sweden (1818–44) as Charles XIV


(ˈbɜr nəˌdɒt)

Jean Baptiste Jules, 1764–1844, French marshal under Napoleon; as Charles XIV, king of Sweden and Norway 1818–44.
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Meanwhile, historian Herman Lindqvist also suggested the same result would be achieved for the Swedish Royal House of Bernadotte, which will enter its 200th year in 2010.
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