House of bishops

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(Prot. Epis. Ch.) one of the two bodies composing a general convertion, the other being House of Clerical and Lay Deputies.

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A summary of business conducted by the House of Bishops when it met last month included that the Bishops "confirmed that the requirements in the 2005 statement concerning the eligibility for ordination of those in civil partnerships whose relationships are consistent with the teaching of the Church of England apply equally in relation to the episcopate".
The House of Bishops decision, which was made at a meeting in December but only emerged yesterday, effectively lifts the prohibition on gay bishops introduced in 2011 pending a review.
It confirmed a 2005 statement on civil partnerships which says the House of Bishops does not regard entering into civil partnership as intrinsically incompatible with holy orders, "provided the person concerned is willing to give assurances to his or her bishop that the relationship is consistent with the standards for the clergy set out in Issues in Human Sexuality.
However, Tatchell added that the lack of official confirmation from either the House of Bishops or the Archbishop of Canterbury is "perplexing" because "if the policy has been changed, it is a significant development and should be officially confirmed by Anglican leaders.
The Catholic Group calls on the House of Bishops to reconvene the talks started in the summer between representatives of different groups, chaired by Bishop Justin Welby.
deeply disappointed to hear that the all-male House of Bishops has, in a closed meeting, decided to make two amendments to the draft legislation on women bishops that had been so carefully crafted after years of debate and scrutiny from all sides and had commanded the support of 42 out of 44 dioceses," the group added.
After the House of Deputies confirmed Robinson by a 2-1 ratio and just before the House of Bishops prepared to take a final vote, an E-mail surfaced in which a straight man reported that Robinson had harassed him.
The amendments, agreed at a meeting of the House of Bishops, clarify the position of male bishops appointed to minister to objectors and ensure that these bishops also share the same views on women's ordination as those parishes that object.
PHOENIX The Episcopal church's House of Bishops called Sept.
Dr Williams said the decision by the Episcopalian House of Bishops would have a "significant" impact on the 80-million strong global Anglican Communion but warned against making snap decisions.
The three sections of the Church in Wales' governing body, The House of Clergy, the House of Laity and the House of Bishops, were due to meet at 2pm today for the debate which may run into tomorrow.
Eleven members of the Church of Ireland House of Bishops, excluding Archbishop Eames, elected the Bishop, who has lived in Northern Ireland for more than 40 years.