House of Islam

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Noun1.House of Islam - areas where Muslims are in the majority
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'The major reason for organising this event is to bring together the house of Islam, help one another and help in the development of Islam in my own little way.
"These extremists groups have misinterpreted this verse as saying that Muslims should migrate from the house of Kufr (disbelief in Allah) to the house of Islam, claiming that Muslims live in the house of kufr if they have to live and deal with non-Muslims," Al Hatali said.
FROM AN EX-RADICAL, ED HUSAIN, comes a comprehensive overview of Islam and its practitioners--The House of Islam: A Global History--giving us a rich understanding of an "Islam" shaped by conflict, culture, poetry and politics.
Burglars broke into the house of Islam Hussain in Alipur and made off with cash and valuables when the family was out.
Whatever their wretched motives and imagined goals, these brain-dead dummies are clearly being used by forces, which have long plotted against the House of Islam. The war that began with the attack on the first Islamic state of Madinah 14 centuries ago by the Zionists is far from over.
A gathering of more than 250 Muslim clerics last month issued a declaration intended to set the House of Islam in direct opposition to the Islamic State.
The ISIL militants declared Turkey part of the House of War -- rather than the House of Islam -- and that Turks were infidels.
John Renard has produced a series of readers on Islamic themes in recent years, among them Windows on the House of Islam: Muslim Sources on Spirituality and Religious Life (1998) and Tales of God's Friends: Islamic Hagiography in Translation (2009).
Twenty people from the U.S., Europe and the Middle East identified as "Muslim reformers" met to propose ways to counter "the ideologies which fuel global Muslim radicalization." "Terror is a Muslim issue, an Islamic issue within the house of Islam," said M.
Since then we have been warned about 'Islamofascism', and Al Qaeda and ISIS are denounced by Western politicians and commentators as"fascists." Although Mideastern zealots have picked up the hate-filled anti-Jewish rhetoric of European fascists " with the infamous"Protocols of the Elders of Zion" enjoying a new lease on life in Arabic " some observers have questioned whether there is any real sense in applying such a specifically European concept as fascism to"the House of Islam." ISIS fighters are bloodthirsty religious fanatics, but not nationalists at all.
(78) Therefore, al Baghdadi has said "those who can immigrate to the Islamic State should immigrate, as immigration to the house of Islam is a duty." (76) He also called upon all Muslims to join the Caliphate to reconnect with their roots.