House of War

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Noun1.House of War - areas where Muslims are in the minority and are persecuted
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The ISIL militants declared Turkey part of the House of War -- rather than the House of Islam -- and that Turks were infidels.
Fighting erupted after the army stormed the house of war lord Ahmed
It believes that one day it will bring down the house of war.
The duty of each true Muslim is to see the House of War absorbed by the House of Peace, though not necessarily by violent means.
As James Carroll writes in House of War (Houghton Mifflin), by 1965 nearly six million Americans were employed in Pentagon-run enterprises.
In House of War, James Carroll eloquently describes what history means to historians: "[it] is not a catalogue of events, not just a knowledge of their chronology .
The house of Islam" is locked in a continual struggle with all others who dwell in "the house of war.
It is these insights which Carroll has developed in House of War, and his prognoses mirror the recent and equally troubling investigations of Seymour M.
House of War is a polemic against American might and those who have served it, but it is hardly a surprise coming as it does from a one-time Georgetown University "ROTC Cadet of the Year" turned leftist "peacenik priest" (his words) who remains profoundly troubled as the son of an influential if obscure cold warrior.
In House of War, Carroll finds most disturbing our country's adoption of an ethic that sanctions the development and use of weapons that make no distinction between military and civilian targets.
Meanwhile, unbelievers in unconquered countries were said to be living in the Dar al-Harb, the House of War, a phrase indicating that one day they too would be obliged by force of arms to choose between death, conversion, and dhimmitude.