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house′ rule′

a rule in a gambling game used only in a certain casino or among certain players.
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Under Section 48 of the House Rules, 'in case of bills or resolutions that are identified as priority measures of the House, which were previously filed in the immediately preceding Congress and have been approved on third reading, the same may be disposed of as matters already reported upon the approval of majority of the Members of the committee present, there being a quorum.
According to Section 17 of the House Rules of the House Representatives, a deputy majority leader assumes the duties and powers of the House Speaker in the absence of the latter
Martin Romualdez, chairman of the House rules committee (right), meets members of his panel Wednesday to strategize the swift passage of President Duterte's priority measures, including the 2020 national budget.
Ogundoyin is one of four members that meet the house rules to be Speaker of being returning member and possess legislative experience while the other three are Wumi Oladeji who emerged on the platform of Action Democratic Party (ADP), Oyeleke Adebola and Ashimiyu Alarape who both were elected on the ticket of the All Progressives Congress (APC).
100 The weirdest words house rules. Sofa giant ScS has revealed a list of the strangest house rules from around the country.
Jim Grego, R-Wilburton, that would stop the transfer of an Oklahoma Veterans Center from Talihina passed out of the House Rules Committee.
"(Andaya) resorted to one more instance of power-tripping in recalling HB 5664 on the sly without the expressed and formal consent of a majority of his peers and in gross violation of House rules and procedures," said Villafuerte.
John Lewis (D-Ga.) both proposed amendments to preserve the Johnson Amendment during a July 16 hearing of the House Rules Committee, but those efforts also were defeated.
House rules indicate that those who voted for the winning speaker will constitute the majority, making Suarez' insistence to remain in the minority baseless.
TUESDAY, July 10, 2018 (HealthDay News) -- The talk, educate, co-view, and house rules (TECH) parenting framework can promote positive and specific media parenting behaviors that could help mitigate the potential negative impacts of media consumption for youth, according to an article published in the July issue of Pediatrics.
Instead, Langhofer said Clodfelter would have had to make a motion to create, amend or suspend House rules. For example, he said, Clodfelter could have proposed a new rule that all records pertaining to internal investigations must be disclosed, or a rule specifically addressing the Shooter investigation records.