Household bread

bread made in the house for common use; hence, bread that is not of the finest quality.

See also: Household

References in classic literature ?
It was a dinner for a King when he brought in a huge dish of it, succulent with tomatoes, and we ate it together with the good household bread and a bottle of red wine.
There is the low, dark wainscoted room hung with sporting prints; the hat-stand (with a whip or two standing up in it belonging to bagmen who are still snug in bed) by the door; the blazing fire, with the quaint old glass over the mantelpiece, in which is stuck a large card with the list of the meets for the week of the county hounds; the table covered with the whitest of cloths and of china, and bearing a pigeon-pie, ham, round of cold boiled beef cut from a mammoth ox, and the great loaf of household bread on a wooden trencher.
Pan de sal (noun) The Filipino household bread, or "bread of salt" in Spanish, made its way to the current version of the OED.
The new pocket snack from the household bread brand is a handy, nutritious sandwich perfect for kids' snacks every day.
And for pudding: stewed fruit well sweetened, three or four dozen plain pastry biscuits, two dozen fruit turnovers, four dozen cheesecakes, two cold cabinet puddings in moulds, two blancmanges in moulds, a few jam puffs, one large cold plum pudding, a few baskets of fresh fruit, three dozen plain biscuits, a piece of cheese, 6lbs of butter, four quarter loaves of household bread, three dozen rolls, six loaves of tin bread, two plain plum cakes, two pound cakes, two sponge cakes, a tin of mixed biscuits and 1/2 lb of tea.