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Any of various succulent plants of the genus Sempervivum of Eurasia, having leaves arranged in rosettes and pinkish flowers, especially the common houseleek (S. tectorum). Houseleeks are often cultivated as garden plants and have traditionally been grown on roofs in Europe. Also called live-forever, sempervivum.


(Plants) any Old World crassulaceous plant of the genus Sempervivum, esp S. tectorum, which has a rosette of succulent leaves and pinkish flowers: grows on walls. Also called: hen-and-chickens



a succulent plant, Sempervivum tectorum, of the stonecrop family, native to Europe, having reddish flowers and leaves forming dense basal rosettes.
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Houseleeks - also tellingly known as liveforever - is a medicinal miracle, alleviating such ailments as burns, diarrhoea, insect bites and stings.
Like many succulents, these won't survive the winter outdoors so, for a permanent display, look to Sempervivums, otherwise known as houseleeks, which are the hardiest of succulents and look wonderful in a rockery or alpine garden.
When the man of the house returned from the neighborhood pub, he was greeted at the gatepost by houseleeks.
Sempervivums or houseleeks are perfect for growing in pots at eye level, where their distinctive rosettes of succulent, spiral foliage can be appreciated close up.
It's a good idea to use grasses, which are fun to give a haircut, and easy maintenance plants such as houseleeks or tiny violas.
Campanulas, white rock cress and houseleeks will keep them company.
Houseleeks do flower ( their fat 12in (30cm) tall stems pushing through the mature rosettes.
To brighten up patio steps, plant small shallow containers of low-growing succulents such as houseleeks (sempervivum) and echeveria for a Mediterranean atmosphere.
Aeoniums are closely related to Sempervivums, otherwise known as hens-and-chicks (because they proliferate like barnyard chickens) or houseleeks (since the edible varieties were grown on the roofs of Roman houses).
I personally love the alpines which give plenty of colour, including phlox, aubrieta, lewisia and armeria, but if you are a sucker for succulents such as houseleeks (sempervivum) make sure your drainage is good or they won't last the course.
Sempervivums, also known as "hen and chicks" or houseleeks, are a common garden succulent whose leaves are quite tasty raw or lightly cooked.
uk - 0117 940 6468) ALMOST CARE-FREE Succulents like houseleeks or sempervivum, need very little care and look great in small pots.