n.1.A saddlecloth; a housing.
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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Mr Lavery told the HousS se of Commons it was making job hunting worse.
The 40-foot high structure had appeared above the roof of the new Trust HousS e hotel, The Post House.
The group are reforming - for the first time since they split 25 years ago - to prepare for a comeback gig at HMV Picture HousS e in the capital on December 29.
John was born and grew up in Coventry and lived in Roman Road, Holbrooks, where he tells me there was a housS e owned by the club.
Super quarto et quinto deponit That at the said tyme and in the same place [CO--after the Dawncinge was Donne this deponent] while the poppett playinge was in the hall or while some parte of it was the articulated Wim Powell was in the parlor of the said houss wth one hawkes his wief sittinge by the fiar ther et reddendo causam scientiae su[a]e Dicit that as by Chaunce this deponent did looke in to the parlor he saw them sittinge ther by the fier as aforsaid And that when diuers other persons were at the Doore mindinge to Comme in, he the said Wim Powell percevinge it, Conveyed the said woman out at a backe Doore of the said parlor.
According to Joe Houss, president of The DataBase in Oakhurst, NJ, before making any mail drops, always run your lists through a CASS-certified software program.
Gateshead Houss s ing Company tenant Stephanie Hepple, 23, of Meresyde, Leam Lane, Gateshead, was given a 12-month suspended possession order after her partner, Anthony Freeland (also known as Edgars ), was convicted of possession with intent to supply the class B controlled drug cannabis, and possession of the class A controlled drug cocaine.
In Division One, Monkseaton Black Horse's Liam Hudson was in sparkling form against Ashington White HousS e scoring four of the goals in his side's 6-1 victory.