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Past tense and past participle of heave.
Past tense and past participle of heave.


chiefly nautical a past tense and past participle of heave


(Placename) a town and coastal resort in S England, in Brighton and Hove unitary authority, East Sussex. Pop: 72 335 (2001)



v. heaved (esp. Naut.) hove; heav•ing; v.t.
1. to raise or lift with effort or force; hoist: to heave a heavy ax.
2. to throw, esp. to lift and throw with effort or force: to heave a stone through a window.
3. Naut. to move into a certain position or situation.
4. to utter laboriously or painfully: to heave a sigh.
5. to cause to rise and fall with a swelling motion: to heave one's chest.
6. to vomit; throw up.
7. to haul or pull on (a rope, cable, line, etc.).
8. to rise and fall in rhythmically alternate movements: The ship heaved and rolled.
9. to breathe with effort; pant.
10. to vomit; retch.
11. to rise as if thrust up, as a hill; swell or bulge.
12. to pull or haul on a rope, cable, etc.
13. Naut. to move in a certain direction or into a certain position or situation: The ship hove into sight.
14. heave to,
a. to stop the headway of (a vessel), esp. by bringing the head to the wind and trimming the sails.
b. to come to a halt.
15. an act or effort of heaving.
16. a throw, toss, or cast.
17. the horizontal component of the apparent displacement resulting from a geologic fault, measured in a vertical plane perpendicular to the strike.
18. the rise and fall of the waves or swell of a sea.
19. heaves, (used with a sing. v.) Also called broken wind. a disease of horses characterized by difficult breathing.
heave ho! (an exclamation used by sailors, as when heaving the anchor up.)
[before 900; Middle English heven, variant (with -v- from preterit and past participle) of hebben, Old English hebban, c. Old Saxon hebbian, Old High German heffen, Old Norse hefja, Gothic hafjan]
heav′er, n.
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The actor, who grew up in Llanfairpwll and Aberystwyth and who plays Sir Elton in the biopic Rocketman, appeared on stage in a rainbow striped t-shirt and orange-tinted sunglasses rimmed with jewels to perform the duet of Your Song at the show in Hove, Sussex.
In June, Bernard's trip to Normandy from his nursing home in Hove, Sussex, to honour his fallen comrades earned him the nickname The Great Escaper.
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But he was re-arrested in Hove, Sussex, shortly before 6pm yesterday and taken back into custody.
Also sentenced yesterday were former Dudley resident Rajnikant Patel (40), of Barnet, Hertfordshire, who received four years; Anilkumar Ratilal Patel (52), of Hove, Sussex, 30 months; Hitesh Gohel (23); of Leicester, 18 months; Ramzan Ali Gajra (20), of Leicester, 12 months Jamal Raymon (31), of Gillingham, Kent, two years; Mitesh Rasikal Bakhai (38), of Crawley, Sussex, two years; Rushil Patel (24), of Bermondsey, London, two years and three months, and Jaisal Patel (21), of Bermondsey, London, two years and three months.
The visitors came at the request of their friends in Hove, Sussex, who have links with Merthyr's Gellideg estate.
IT workers Kathryn and James Martin, 30, from Hove, Sussex, took the four-year-old stray - named after a country and western singer - from a rescue centre.
The hijacker fought off Joan Windsor and Jean Douglas, both of Hove, Sussex, by pushing them out of the car and then sped away.