How to write a Cover Letter

You've perfected your resume, and now you need a cover letter.
Your cover letter will be your first impression, and you want to "balance confidence with humility," according to the experts at
There are several things you can do to ensure that you stand out among all the other applicants.
First, try your best to get the name of the hiring manager, or whoever will be reviewing the applications, and address that person by name in the letter.
Now you're getting to the most important parts.
Right in the beginning, you should state the specific position you're applying for, especially since many companies fill multiple positions at once.
What follows should be a strong statement about why you'd be the best fit for the position.
"The point of a cover letter is to make a personal connection with the reader," according to experts. "Tailor your letter specifically to each company you send it to."
Remember, the cover letter is a prelude to your resume—not a summary of it.
"Don't regurgitate everything that's in your resume—offer deeper insights into what your resume does not say," say experts. “Provide an in-depth explanation of some of your key achievements at your last job, for instance, and how those accomplishments could help the company. Or tell a story about a tough problem you solved."
Lastly, remember to proofread. Several times. A single typo can ruin an otherwise strong cover letter.
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