Howard Henry

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, Henry First Earl of Surrey. 1517?-1547.
English poet and soldier remembered for his sonnets and his translations of two books of Virgil's Aeneid. In 1547 he was falsely charged with treason and executed.
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So incensed was North Dakota farmer Howard Henry after getting a parking ticket that he led a successful effort to ban parking meters in the state.
Howard Henry Penarth These unwise - sorry, "smart" - meters, named in such a way that suggests a sceptic may be a dribbling, Luddite simpleton, have been responsible for all manner of medical problems in previously healthy people, largely caused by their relentless 24/7 pulsing of microwave radiation - hundreds of times more intense than a mobile phone's emissions - and only relieved by the (true) deactivation or complete removal of the hideous gadget.
Howard Henry Smith Penarth The small print: Letters will not be included unless you include your name, full postal address and daytime telephone number (we prefer to use names of letter writers but you can ask for your name not to be published if you have a good reason).
Howard Henry Smith Penarth Passing on debt is not compassionate AN "end to austerity" means more public spending and more public borrowing, the spending of money now leaving future generations to pay the bill.