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n.1.A howitzer.
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As a result, the digital platforms such as Google, Facebook, or Twitter testified about Russia linked activity on 2017 elections (Howitz et al., 2016).
It was first described as a Sirt1 activator by Howitz et al., who demonstrated that resveratrol was capable of reducing the Km of both the acetylated target of Sirt1 and that of [NAD.sup.+] (35- and 5-fold, resp.) [17].
This differentiator delivers higher internet speeds, a perk for crew retention and satisfaction, said Howitz. Crew no longer have to get off their ship and spend port days online catching up with family and personal business.
Religious minorities feel accepted Chris Howitz, the lead Anglican pastor in Muscat, says Christians living in Oman can benefit from living among Muslims, because it can broaden their world views.
(26.) Wood JG, Rogina B, Lavu S, Howitz K, Helfand SL, Tatar M, Sinclair D.
On the other hand, with regard to the area of entrepreneurship, although many traits define the character of the entrepreneur (vision, intuition, self-sacrifice, performance-oriented, etc.), one of the more remarkable aspects is that there is no consensus on the definition of the entrepreneur (see Brockhaus & Howitz, 1986; Timmons & stevenson, 1985; among others).