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n.1.One who navigates a hoy.
A common hoyman to carry goods by water for hire.
- Hobart.
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2011) and Hoyman, McCall, Paarlberg, & Brennan (2016) supported social capital as an avenue for developing economic shifts in consumption of resources.
He was an All-American in 1936, helping the Webfoots capture the Pacific Coast Conference title under coach Mike Hoyman.
Frank Hoyman, "The Beginning of the New Wilmington Missionary Conference," Anna A.
common bargeman, hoyman or other common water carrier, the common
Although many may report feeling excited about their RLT experience, many also express concern or fear at the prospect of transitioning at work (Boylan, 2003; Brown & Rounsley, 1996; Hoyman, 1999).
The purpose of this Act is to provide certain safeguards for an individual against an invasion of personal privacy by Federal agencies, and "for the first time gave statutory recognition to a right of privacy, but did not define it" (Linowes and Hoyman 1982, 490).
Monthly marketing meetings are a great communications tool," says Barbara Oswalt, CPA/ABV, a partner with Hoyman, Dobson and Co.
Rosemary Kennedy, Malvern, PA, Kathryn Hoyman, and Eleanor Callahan Hunt were elected as ANI members at large.
45pm) with plays by Philip Hoyman, Amber Mun, Charlotte Powell, Harvinder Sohal and Rachel Xerri, at The Door, Birmingham Repertory Theatre (Box office: 0121 236 4455).
5), there are others which do not find a definite trend (Thies, 1998; Hoyman, 1999; Abrams and Lyons, 1987; and Ammons, 1992).
See, for example, Hoyman and Stallworth [1981] and Shavell [1984] in regard to the propensity to file civil litigation; Peterson [1992] in regard to the likelihood of pursing grievances in union workplaces; and Feuille and Delaney [1992] and Chachere and Feuille [1993] on filing grievances in nonunion workplaces.