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 (hrôd′nə) or Grod·no (grôd′nō, -nə)
A city of western Belarus on the Neman River near the Lithuanian and Polish borders. Hrodna was the capital of an independent principality until the 1300s, later becoming one of the chief cities of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania.
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I mean such cities, as: Vilnius, Hrodna, Bialystok, Brest, Lviv, Uzhgorod, Debrecen, Oradea, Novi Sad, Sarajevo, Trieste and other cities in the Eastern and Southern part of Eastern civilizational borderland of Western and Eastern Europe.
As Polskie Radio reports, experts suppose that selection of the Belarusian NPP location (Astravets, in the Hrodna region) is a place where the borders of Poland, Lithuania, the Russian Kaliningrad Oblast and Belarus meet.
From Polatsk, by way of Minsk, I have arrived in Hrodna (Grodno), in westernmost Belarus.
Born in Hrodna, in the now Republic of Belarus, Korbut entered a government sports school at the age of 11.
16, 1825, Chorowszczyzna, near Grodno, Russian Empire [now Hrodna, Belarus])
maintenance, cleaning of stationary toilets and biotoilets along bolshaya trinity street, zaritsa microdistrict (final oot), ploshad sovetskaya, in the kalozhsky park, in recreational areas: "jubilee lake", "forest park pyschki", "salmon valley" in hrodna
Tenders are invited for construction and installation works on the project: "Overhaul of the roof, repair of entrance of an apartment house 34 / 1 Mendeleev in Grodno", "Warming of the end walls of a residential house 52 on the street Popovich in Hrodna." "Overhaul roofing and repair of entrance of an apartment house on the street 9.