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Noun1.Hrolf - Norse chieftain who became the first duke of Normandy (860-931)
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Steinolf the Low, son of Hrolf the hersir of Agdir, took land between Budardal River and Tjaldarnes, and lived at Fagradal.
It is certainly interesting to see how easily these conventions lend themselves to adaptation for the modern "Vikings" audience, all the while ensuring that they are treated to more varied representations of female characters, such as the fierce yet wise shield-maiden Lagertha who, like her husband, embodies a distilled amalgam of powerful female figures; the tactical prowess of Olof and Skuld, of Hrolf Saga Kraki, the matriarchal character of Laxardalur Saga's Unn the Deep Minded, etc.
Eleanor's dad Hrolf Douglasson presided over the blessing as Gothi (vicar).
Before long, Hrolf Kraki, Pwyll and the rest will probably have faded from my memory, while Beowulf and the Irish sagas will remain because I had to exercise some creative thought in doing those assignments.'
Abelard died in 1941, of sniper fire, on the Eastern Front; Hrolf Kramm, not until 2003, in Switzerland of septicaemia--or blood poisoning.
Blagden summarise Hrolf Vaughn-Stevens' detailed description of rice planting by the Mantra (Temuan) of Malacca, which documents a great effort to ensure, through ritual actions, the retention of the rice soul and an abundant rice harvest.
The late twelfth- and early thirteenth-century chroniclers Sven Aggesen and Saxo Grammaticus are in agreement on that point, as are the thirteenth-century Icelandic historian Snorri Sturluson and the late Old Icelandic Saga of King Hrolf Kraki.
Tal es el caso de la Saga de Ragnar Calzas Peludas, la Saga de Hrolf Kraki, la Saga de Odd Flechas, la Saga de Egil el Manco, la Saga de Hervor (4) o la Saga de Gautrek, usadas o adaptadas en mayor o menor medida, cuando no alteradas en algunos pasajes o motivos, por el erudito danes.
According to the Saga of King Hrolf Kraki, Northumberland is ruled by Hroar, Helfdan's son, also mentioned as royal Scyldings in Beowulf.
The Wirral Vikings - with Viking names: Sungi, Hrolf, Yngvar, Linden and Sungi, top left; and, above, Hrolf and a bone needle case; Pictures: ANDREW TEEBAY
Jacqueline Simpson assembles and translates the Scandinavian stories about Hrolf Kraki (Hrothulf) and his deeds in Beowulf and Its Analogues, trans.
Birth date and ancestry uncertain; he was called Rolf or Hrolf in Norse sources, but is often known as Rollo, the name given him in French documents; as a Norse chieftain, he raided along the northern French coast and up the Seine valley over the course of at least fifteen years (896-911); he was supposedly known as Rolf the Granger (Walker) because he was too tall to ride a horse, and so had to walk everywhere; in the latter year he was granted lands at the mouth of the Seine by King Charles III at the Treaty of Saint-Clair-sur-Epte (near Pontoise), whereby he promised to become a Christian and King Charles's vassal in return for the land grant; this territory later became known as Normandy from its occupation by Northmen.