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 (rōs-vē′tä) also Hrot·svi·tha (hrōt-svē′tä) c. 935-c. 1000.
German nun and poet whose dialogues, modeled on ancient Roman plays, represent an early stage in the revival of European drama.
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5) In medieval Europe, the dramatic writings of the learned tenth-century abbess, Hrosvitha of Gandersheim, are filled with interesting parts for medieval convent girls that depict the "laudable chastity of Christian virgins.
Women such as Hrosvitha von Gandersheim (935-1002), one of the first woman playwrights, "an identity which has taken one thousand years to emerge and which has yet to be placed within a critical historical perspective" yet she is referred to by Brockett as the first author of "school drama" (Case, 2000:32).
In her introduction to American Women Playwrights, 1900-1950 (Peter Lang Publishing), Wendy worries that she will turn out like Hrosvitha of Gandersheim, a 10th-century canoness whose plays were never produced.
Monto Antes del desayuno y escribio y dirigio Rosvita, en la cual tramo dos textos de la monja Hrosvitha de Gandersheim (siglo XI) con su vision personal del momento historico y la vida de ella.
Celtis rediscovered the manuscripts of Germany's first woman poet, the 10th-century nun Hrosvitha, and also the so-called Peutinger Table, a map of the Roman Empire.