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(ˈhrʌvnə) ,




(Currencies) the standard monetary unit of Ukraine, divided into 100 kopiykas
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5 million hryvnya ($200,000) deposits after failing to enter the second round of the May 2014 pre-term elections.
According to plans, the total cost of the building is expected to be 3,7 billion Hryvnya or 250 million EUR.
Ukraine's currency, the hryvnya, was also hit hard by the
Ukrainian sales came out strong, increasing 9% QoQ to $311 mln on stronger MOU (up 5% QoQ to 427 min/month) and 1% Hryvnya appreciation for the period.
With a deficit of more than 6 percent of GDP, Ukraine's currency - the hryvnya - has lost more than half of its value against the dollar since last July.
As one of the project's team members opened the passport, a 20 hryvnya note (local currency in Ukraine equivalent to $5 Cdn) fell to the table.
One project, worth 600,000 Hryvnya (some Euro 105,000), includes drafting a blueprint for shutting down nuclear plants and setting up a de-commissioning fund.
The karbonavets stabilized in the fall of 1995 at around 180,000 to the dollar, and stability continued after the introduction of the hryvnya in September 1996, exchanged at 100,000 to the karbonavets--the first noninflationary and nonconfiscatory currency exchange that Ukrainians had experienced this century.
Ukraine's currency, the hryvnya, was also hit hard by the crisis, dropping from just over 5 to the US dollar at the end of 2007 to just over 8 hryvnya to the dollar in late 2012.
The winning author in each category will be awarded a Ukrainian hryvnya equivalent of 1,000.