Hua Guofeng

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Hua Guo·feng

 (hwä′ gwô′fŭng′) also Hua Kuo-feng (kwô′fŭng′, gwô′-) 1921-2008.
Chinese politician who served as premier from 1976 to 1980. He succeeded Mao Zedong as chair of the Communist Party but was forced out of that position in 1981 by Deng Xiaoping.
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Party officials hailed Xias a wise and great "ling xiu", or leader, a reverent honorific bestowed on only two others: Mao and his short-lived successor Hua Guofeng -- another sign that Xihas accumulated more power than his immediate predecessors and could revive a party chairmanship as a precursor to staying on in some capacity beyond the end of his second term in 2022.
That honorific has been bestowed on only two others since the 1949 founding of the People's Republic of China: Mao and his short-lived successor, Hua Guofeng.
The story is told that on his first official visit to China in 1976, he was presented a book by Chinese Prime Minister Hua Guofeng.
12% of the 11th PC ACC members and Hua Guofeng, who was party chairman at the time.
The television serial - telecast every night since last Friday at prime time, 9 pm - also portrays Hua Guofeng, who was Mao's successor.
Viewers of the series were caught by surprise after a portrayal of Hua Guofeng appeared on the show.
That was when Deng Xiaoping effectively forced the early retirement of Chairman of the Central Committee, Hua Guofeng.
On 9 September, Mao's long life came to an end, and his designated successor Hua Guofeng became the new chairman.
Bao Bao, qui etait le dernier panda vivant en Allemagne, avait ete offert par le dirigeant communiste chinois Hua Guofeng a M.
Bao Bao was born in 1978 in China and later given as a gift by then-Chinese leader Hua Guofeng to West Germany's chancellor, Helmut Schmidt.
The designated successor to Mao Zedong in China, Hua Guofeng, raised this attitude to an art form.
BEIJING - Former Communist Party chief Hua Guofeng, who was the successor to Mao Zedong as China's paramount leader, has died in Beijing, the official Xinhua News Agency reported Wednesday.