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Variant of Wari.
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Entre os huari (600 A.D.-1100 A.D.), no sul do Peru, cabecas decepadas foram transformadas em trofeus e desempenharam um papel central em suas tradicoes ritualisticas (Tung 2007).
Researchers argue that this radical change at Huari occurred parallel to the establishment of a centralized political authority centered at the site, named the Wari State ([37], 67; [42], 91; [38, 43-45]).
President Abdel'Aziz Bouteflika, born on March 2, 1937, joined the war in 1956 and rose quickly through the ranks of l'Armee de Liberation Nationale (ALN) until became close to the second post-war President Huari Boumedienne in the 1960s.
Another staring figure on the side of a cup from the Huari culture (700-1200 AD) sprouts can-opener-like knives and a severed head from his carved low-relief mask.