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Noun1.Hubel - United States neuroscientist noted for his studies of the neural basis of vision (born in 1926)
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(4) Pioneering work for which researchers Hubel and Wiesel received a Nobel Prize involved the direct recording of cells in the primary visual cortex of normal and amblyopic kittens and monkeys.
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It's called a convolutional network because it uses the mathematical operation of convolution, but it's really inspired by biology--in fact, by Hubel and Wiesel's Nobel Prize-winning work in neuroscience from the early 1960s.
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In the visual cortex itself (Hubel, 1995), certain clear, unambiguous patterns are found in the arrangement of cells with particular responses.
Chicago police say Tamaz Hubel of Sunny Isles Beach, Florida, was taken into custody Sunday while trying to board a plane to France from Miami-Dade International Airport.
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366 HuaJian Service US 1736 Hubel Gedian Humanwell Pharmaceutical Co, 959 Hubel Goto Biotechnology Co.,Ltd.
Younger AI enthusiasts may be surprised to learn that the principles of today's deep-learning algorithms stretch back more than 60 years to the neuroscientific researchers David Hubel and Torsten Wiesel, who discovered how the hierarchy of neurons in a cat's visual cortex responds to stimuli.