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Noun1.Hubel - United States neuroscientist noted for his studies of the neural basis of vision (born in 1926)
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Younger AI enthusiasts may be surprised to learn that the principles of today's deep-learning algorithms stretch back more than 60 years to the neuroscientific researchers David Hubel and Torsten Wiesel, who discovered how the hierarchy of neurons in a cat's visual cortex responds to stimuli.
Hubel CA, McLaughlin MK, Evans RW, Hauth BA, Sims CJ, Roberts JM, et al.
Roberts J and Hubel et al in two separate studies proposed that the lowdensity lipoprotein cholesterol (LDLc) particles were smaller than those of normotensive controls and that may facilitate their oxidation.
July 29 - Left Coast Jazz with jazz pianist and vocalist Will "Zeke" Hubel features music from the American Songbook, original versions of jazz standards and original works, at 7 p.
He received his bachelor, master and doctorate degrees within six years and then went on to study at Harvard Medical School under two Nobel Laureates: Professors Torsten Wiesel and David Hubel.
Differentes recherches illustrent bien ce concept de periode critique, comme celles realisees par David Hubel et Torsten Wiesel qui demontrent que suturer les paupieres d'un chat durant un certain temps et a certains moments precis, peut induire une cecite centrale liee a un dysfonctionnement du developpement des voies visuelles qui dependent en fait d'interactions avec le milieu (Purves et al.
Kemgo successfully raised capital in a round led by Marcus Hubel, a former senior executive in the chemicals industry (and most recently an executive committee member of a Middle East-based global market force), and Olivier van Duijn, entrepreneur and current eBay general manager, Benelux.
The basic architecture model of CNN was inspired in 1962, from visual cortex proposed by Hubel and Wiesel.
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