Hudson Hoagland

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Noun1.Hudson Hoagland - United States physiologist (1899-1982)
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1965 Humanist of the Year Hudson Hoagland, "Dilemmas of the Scientific Revolution," May/June 1965
Hudson Hoagland and Gregory Pincus -- the Worcester Foundation's co-founders -- knew that their focus on hormones and fertility and birth control had the broader dimension of the link between hormones and some forms of cancer.
Gregory Pincus and Hudson Hoagland of the Worcester Foundation for Experimental Biology in Shrewsbury, Massachusetts.
Gregory Goodwin Pincus, an expert in the reproduction of mammals, was denied tenure at Harvard University in 1937 and decamped for Clark University in Worcester, where his friend Hudson Hoagland was running the biology department.
However, Asimov's earliest involvement with the AHA dates almost a decade earlier, when in 1976 he joined with such noted scientists as Hudson Hoagland, George Gaylord Simpson, Chauncey Leake, and Linus Pauling in sponsoring a national education campaign promoted by the AHA.
In association with her efforts on behalf of biomedical research she was a member of the Hudson Hoagland Society.
He was a contributing member of the Worcester Jewish Federation, and the Hudson Hoagland Society, a Gold Circle member of Jewish Family Services, and a member of the President's Club of the Jewish Healthcare Center.
And on Downing Street, in an abandoned carriage house, professors Hudson Hoagland and Gregory Pincus were doing their first experiments on human reproduction.

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