Hudsonian godwit

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Noun1.Hudsonian godwit - New World godwitHudsonian godwit - New World godwit      
godwit - large wading bird that resembles a curlew; has a long slightly upturned bill
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This clam species has been identified as a key prey of the Hudsonian godwit Limosa haemastica (Lizarralde et al., 2010) and the Magellanic oystercatcher Haematopus leucopodus (Ferrari et al., 2015).
tahitiensis Godwit (unidentified) * 421 274 Bar-tailed Godwit Limosa 464 302 tapponica baueri Hudsonian Godwit L.
Many "listers" travelled to see a Hudsonian Godwit in Somerset, whilst to the north a Pied-billed Grebe was at RSPB Leighton Moss, Lancashire.
But after that duty ends in August, she plans to go off to South America for a year traveling with her boyfriend, who will be studying the migration route of the Hudsonian godwit, a bird that flies annually between Hudson Bay in Canada and Tierra del Fuego in South America.
Hudsonian Godwit (Limosa haemastica).--Eight birds were seen at Roxanna Pond on 11 May 1978.