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Noun1.Hugo Wolf - Austrian composer (1860-1903)Hugo Wolf - Austrian composer (1860-1903)  
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This Thursday will present an evening of chamber music as young members of the Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra Luka Kusztrich, Lara Kusztrich, Clara Schwaiger and Benedikt Sinko join Cypriot pianist Nicolas Constantinou to play compositions by Ludwig van Beethoven, Ernst Krenek, Hugo Wolf and Franz Schubert.
As the history of Hugo Wolf reception in Britain shows, recording (in the hands of Walter Legge) could also transform the fate of a composer--and this leads to a reflection on the often-shadowy finances of art music, especially this niche within it.
The acoustical warmth of the Church of the Holy Trinity (whose magnificent vaulted ceiling is one of a few examples in NYC of work by the structural engineer Guastavino) is well suited to the varied sounds of the Mass as well as to the a cappella settings of motets by Bruckner, Hugo Wolf, and Brahms.
Apart from Luptak, other Slovak and foreign musicians will be led by Sebastian Gurtler, first violinist of the famous Hugo Wolf Quartet.The main guest of the February 2018 Konvergencie, the Brodsky Quartet, will offer the Late Quartets by Beethoven on February 22, 24, and 25.
His topics include performance and social meaning in the Lied: Schubert's Erster Verlust, Hugo Wolf: subjectivity in the fin-de-siecle Lied, the harem threshold: Turkish music and Greek love in Beethoven's "Ode to Joy," the talking wound and the foolish question: symbolization in Parsifal, and modern madrigalisms: Elliott Carter and the aesthetics of art song.
Featuring songs by Lili Boulanger, Victoria Malawey, Franz Liszt, Sergei Rachmaninoff, Cole Porter, and Hugo Wolf. The poster for the recital is a painting inspired by the correspondence between Rachmaninoff and Marietta Shaginian, who went by the pseudonym "Re." She sent him many of the poems that he set to music and is a large reason why we have so many beautiful Rachmaninoff songs today -- he struggled with depression throughout his life and she was an encouragement to him.
He sang countless recitals as a representative of the International Hugo Wolf Society while holding various collegiate teaching positions.
The second CD, made up of songs, includes Hugo Wolf's Morike Lieder, Franz Schubert's Schwanengesang, and Jaroslav Kricka's Northern Nights.
Next are four Lieder by Hugo Wolf from his Italienisches Liederbuch, which fit Lemieux s voice and personality perfectly.
On Saturday, Respighi partnered Hugo Wolf in a cuckoo-and-nightingale juxtaposition, where differences of mood and style were enthusiastically conveyed by the Bowesled quartet.