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 (zwĭng′lē, swĭng′-, tsvĭng′-), Ulrich or Huldreich 1484-1531.
Swiss religious reformer whose sermons on the absolute authority of the Bible (1519) marked the beginning of the Reformation in Switzerland.


(German ˈtsvɪŋli)
(Biography) Ulrich (ˈʊlrɪç) or Huldreich (ˈhʊltraiç). 1484–1531, Swiss leader of the Reformation, based in Zurich. He denied the Eucharistic presence, holding that the Communion was merely a commemoration of Christ's death


(ˈzwɪŋ gli, ˈswɪŋ-, ˈtsvɪŋ-)

Ulrich or Huldreich, 1484–1531, Swiss Protestant reformer.
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Noun1.Zwingli - Swiss theologian whose sermons began the Reformation in Switzerland (1484-1531)Zwingli - Swiss theologian whose sermons began the Reformation in Switzerland (1484-1531)
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Beispielsweise wurde von den neun Personen, zu denen Stammbucheintrage vorliegen, eine im Register ganz vergessen (Johann Huldreich Augenstein, Dok.
Swiss theologian Huldreich Zwingli was a leading force in what historic movement?
While Luther rejected the doctrine of transubstantiation by 1520 and also criticized various other sacramental teachings and practices of the Roman Church, he agreed with the church's affirmation of the real presence and became an ardent defender of Christ's bodily presence, particularly in his conflicts with Huldreich Zwingli and his allies.