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n. (used with a sing. verb)
The science of human settlements, including city or community planning and design.

[Modern Greek oikistikē, from feminine of Greek oikistikos, of settlements, from oikistēs, colonizer, founder, from oikizein, to settle, from oikos, house; see economy.]

e·kis′tic, e·kis′ti·cal adj.
ek′is·ti′cian (ĕk′ĭ-stĭsh′ən) n.


(Sociology) (functioning as singular) the science or study of human settlements
[C20: from Greek oikistikos of or concerning settlements, from oikizein to settle (a colony), from oikos a house]
eˈkistic, eˈkistical adj
ˌekisˈtician n


(ɪˈkɪs tɪks)

n. (used with a sing. v.)
the scientific study of human settlements, drawing on diverse disciplines, including architecture, city planning, and behavioral science.
[1955–60; coined by Constantine A. Doxiadis (1913–75), Greek urbanologist, ultimately < Greek oikistikōs, derivative of oikisía settlement, derivative of oîkos house; see -ics]
e•kis′tic, e•kis′ti•cal, adj.
e•kis•ti•cian (ɪ kɪˈstɪʃ ən, ˌi kɪ-) n.
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While finalizing a formal agreement with UNHCR on the collaboration for KISEDP, UN-Habitat has initiated a primary research on livelihoods and human settlement patterns.
Al-Bashkami said the excavations aimed at discovering the succession of archeological levels and collecting information about human settlement patterns in the site.
Environmental pollution is the product of human settlement patterns and activities.
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