n.1.The study of human nature.
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John not only loves Ethan as if he is their own flesh and blood, but also sees him as the prototype of a new class of robot that can be raised from "childhood'' and instilled with human values, "programmed by a day-to-day human experience,'' as John tells a group of potential funders for his Humanics Project.
The Humanics Method: A Tractate on the Way Forward in Academic Arenas Not Amenable to the Scientific Method
Corvington is on the board of directors for Echoing Green, the Washington Regional Association of Grantmakers and the American Humanics Nonprofit Workforce Coalition advisory board.
SYLVIA RAMIREZ BENATTI is the Campus Executive Director for the University of the District of Columbia's American Humanics Certificate in Nonprofit Leadership and teaches undergraduate courses.
It increases people's effectiveness and reduces turnover and lost work time," says Rani Lueder, principal, Humanics ErgoSystems Inc.
My own thought is that there is no better preparation for any field, humanics, legal, business or political.
About 70 schools that offered at least one course for undergraduate credit were affiliated with American Humanics, an alliance of colleges, universities, and nonprofit organizations that prepare undergraduates for careers with youth and human service agencies.
Becoming an invitational leader Atlanta, GA: Humanics Trade Group.
Adapted from The Tao of Leadership John Heider Humanics New Age, Atlanta
Race for Theory and the Biophobia Hypothesis: Humanics, Humanimals, and Macroanthropology.
What we are constantly aware of is that humanics and mechanics can't be separated from one another.