v. t.1.To make human; to invest with a human personality; to incarnate.
The humanifying of the divine Word.
- H. B. Wilson.
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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In a bizarre but revealing slip of the tongue, Taylor said that the contract with CCA would "humanify Trousdale County.
The same taxpayer-citizens who seek to humanify themselves at the expense of warehoused prisoners are also funding the minimum bed guarantees that siphon most of the profit out of their own county and into the pockets of corporate executives and shareholders.
TeleTech is a global provider of customer experience, engagement and growth solutions delivered through its proprietary end-to-end Humanify Customer Engagement as a Service offering.
Social networks like LinkedIn and Facebook have demonstrated that people are quite comfortable building online profiles and sharing them with the world, so Humanify is borrowing from that model to enable its business clients to deliver better customer service.
HumanifY, a wholly owned subsidiary of TeleTech Holdings Inc.
HAFNIUM: HUMANIFY (OED) PHOSPHORUS: SHIPSHAPER (=more shipshape) THALLIUM: MULLETH (old verb form) I offer the following coinages for the other 4:
Two improvements are possible for the transadditions list (discovered with the help of the Franklin Crossword Puzzle Solver): ALUMINUM transadds to NUMMULARIA, and HAFNIUM to HUMANIFY." He notes that Webster's Third lists additional variant names for elements such as ALABAMINE, MASURIUM, VIRGINIUM, EKA-CESIUM and DVI-MANGANESE, not to mention the well-known QUICKSILVER.
1978), not mentioned by Darryl, includes three examples which actually improve on Darryl's current list, specifically NUMMULARIA (for ALUMINUM), SPHEROPHORUS (for PHOSPHORUS) and an optimal transaddition HUMANIFY (for HAFNIUM).