Humboldt current

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Humboldt Current

A cold ocean current of the South Pacific, flowing north along the western coast of South America. Also called Peru Current.

[After Baron Friedrich Heinrich Alexander von Humboldt.]
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Humboldt Current

(Physical Geography) a cold ocean current of the S Pacific, flowing north along the coasts of Chile and Peru. Also called: Peru Current
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Peru′ Cur′rent

a cold Pacific Ocean current flowing N along the coasts of Chile and Peru. Also called Humboldt Current.
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Noun1.Humboldt current - a cold ocean current that flows north along the Pacific Coast of South America before turning west
ocean current - the steady flow of surface ocean water in a prevailing direction
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The key factor is the influence of the Pacific Ocean and the Humboldt Current.
The anchovy, Engraulis ringens Jenyns, 1842, is a small pelagic fish exploited for its high commercial value in the Humboldt Current System.
2) is an oceanic upwelling center where the thermocline is shallow (Sasai et al., 2007), whereas the waters off Peru (PE) are primarily affected by the cold northward flowing Humboldt Current and are associated with strong upwelling of cool subsurface waters (Chavez et al., 2008).
High genetic connectivity and Population Expansion of Scomber japonicus in the Northern Humboldt Current System revealed by mitochondrial control region sequences
Thanks to the so-called Humboldt Current, its skies are almost permanently clear.
Nearby, the Humboldt Current, a cold ocean current, ensures that clouds stay over the Pacific, or on the other side of the Andes, so night skies remain generally clear.
Anchovy, cold-water fish used to make fishmeal, thrive in Peru's nutrient-rich Humboldt current and scatter when waters heat up.
When El Nino occurs, there is disruption to the upwelling of cold nutrient-rich water along the Pacific coast of South America called the Humboldt Current. This leads to a reduction in levels of plankton, which is food for many fish species in the region.
Humboldt penguins, which are classed as vulnerable on the IUCN red data list, originate along the South American coastline in areas reached by the Humboldt current. They are named after German scientist Alexander Von Humboldt who explored the region in the late 1700s.
The presence of the Andes range paired with the cold Humboldt current produces a formidable climate diversity, key for agricultural production.

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