Hume John


, John born 1937.
Politician of Northern Ireland. Head of the Social Democratic and Labour Party since 1979, Hume shared the 1998 Nobel Peace Prize with David Trimble for working to establish peace in Northern Ireland.
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As the author notes about his philosophy "this article is itself the summary of 118 volumes of work purely dealing with in-depth study of (the works of) Socrates Fermat Plato Pythagoras Thales Anaximander Aristotle Copernicus Campanella Berkeley Karl Marx David Hume John Locke Avogadro Newton Rousseau Descartes Freud Dostoevsky Einstein Goethe Max Muller Keynes Ptolemy.
The argument flies without a bibliography across several streams of Philosophy bringing in major players like pragmatists William James and John Dewey utilitarian John Stuart Mill David Hume John Locke Thomas Jefferson and the old brimstone man Jonathan Edwards.