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Zhang, 2015: Observed trends in severe weather conditions based on humidex, wind chill, and heavy rainfall events in Canada for 1953-2012.
While the muggy temperatures have since returned to seasonal norms, the blistering heat reached more than 40 with the humidex some days throughout Quebec.
It was reported that "record-breaking heat and humidex readings topping 40 degrees have stalled over much of Central and Eastern Canada for days," with this extreme weather expected to last until the end of the week.
The statement also cites Humidex's report last summer on the intolerable weather conditions faced by the migrant workers at the 2022 World Cup venues and the construction sites, and who primarily come from Asian and African countries.
A temperatura ambiente era de 30[grados]C e umidade relativa do ar de 75%, utilizando um termohigrometro, esses dados foram utilizados para calcular o indice Humidex, utilizado pelo servico meteorologico do Canada e pode ser usado para classificar o grau de percepcao/sensacao/desconforto termica, podendo ser classificado em: (<29[grados]C) pouco ou nenhum desconforto, (30 - 34[grados]C) notavel desconforto, (35 - 39[grados]C) desconforto evidente, (40 - 45[grados]C) desconforto intenso devendo evitar esforco, (>45[grados]C) desconforto perigoso e (>54[grados]C) risco provavel de insolacao.
For the model across all study locations, the number of __ increased by almost a factor of 4 for humidex increases.
The statement added:"We have received constructive feedback from HRW on the Humidex system.
An analysis of the weather in Doha last summer has also shown that workers on World Cup construction projects were in danger, despite the more advanced system used by the tournament organiser, Humidex , which measures safety levels of heat and humidity.
Every decedent was assigned daily mean humidex values for the day of death (case day) and for all occurrences of the same weekday within the same calendar month (control days).