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a.1.Of, pertaining to, or resembling, a humorist.
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It had been said that evening a hundred times -- and Scarron was at his hundredth bon mot on the subject; he was very nearly at the end of his humoristic tether, but one despairing effort saved him.
For some, this might be a well deserved status, but for others it seems that Jordanians got an unfair stereotype stuck for a long time.Lubna says when she first got into college she wasnAAEt aware of such thing; she would walk smiling and look welcoming to anyone until people started to tell her that she smiles too much; others even assumed she was being humoristic at their account.Talking to people and asking them whether they thought so, many had one thing in common; they recognized the stereotype, laughed and were reminded of certain situations in which they felt that it was very true; Jordanians do scowl a lot for no reason.But even though, Fadi says, that Jordanians are known for their rough glare, they still can be really funny.
Parody, as Dousteyssier-Khoze makes clear, was a powerful and ubiquitous genre in the period, and a consideration of parodic responses to any individual work can yield invaluable insights into the status and reputation that the work enjoyed, in addition to the inherent interest of parodies as expressions of a particular humoristic and literary-critical tradition.
With a humoristic wink, Vargas Llosa constructs and deconstructs himself in the tragicomic figure of Rigoberto.
I happen to believe that the criticisms suggested by the cartoons did attempt to point to real and serious problems (with varying degree of aesthetic and humoristic success, though, since most of the cartoons were pretty dull and unfunny).
Playful, humoristic, ironic, chaotic, capable of bright sudden metaphors, responding to life's absurdity with an absurd palette of images and language, despising all "officialdom" and everything definite, sometimes grotesque, sometimes too light, but still someone who knows in his depths, to quote one of his haikus, that "The violin of autumn-- / a tree leafless from sadness / chimes frailly."
(1) The sense of the radical separateness, even estrangement, between and among these voices has been a function of canonical and historical (and gendered) habits of reading--reified not least by the poet herself--which ultimately served as both duenna and closet, buttressing the notion of a schism between the public and private realms and maintaining the misconception of two radically discrete voices: the somber, hieratic, disciplined, asexual lyric voice (for years the overdeterminedly "Pizarnikian" voice par excellence) versus the trangressive, humoristic, hypersexualized (mainly) prose voice.
In her discussion of 'Antireligious Humoristic Journals of the 1920s and 1930s', Annie Gerin gives a detailed account of the formation and ideology of the two surprisingly distinct 1920s publications Godless and Godless at the Machine Tool, with the latter specializing in what its detractors termed popoedstvo ('clergy-eating').
Solo (Solo) (1998) is based on the life of Ya'qub Sanu' (James Sanua) (1839-1912), considered the father of Egyptian theater and Arabic humoristic journalism.
His treatise patiently elaborates a series of epistemological and sentimental conflicts that give rise to the production of comic works; then it goes on to recommend showing these conflicts in the work, thereby turning "comedy" into "humor." Humoristic compositions, as Pirandello describes them, are more modernist than any of Baudelaire's examples of the grotesque: they display schisms in artistic consciousness instead of attempting to sublimate or resolve them into unitary, symbolic representations.
Helene Albani begins from the frame story, then treats specific humoristic devices, emphasizing, in particular, exaggeration through repetition or excess.
1841 amb el full volander humoristic Lo Pare Arcangeli 1843 amb la revista cultural I religiosa Lo Verdader Catala que apareixen dues publicacions en catala de poca durada.